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Curious to try different things, you become quite familiar with a lot of professions and hobbies. Some of your ideas can be a bit extreme or out of the ordinary but can be lucrative. You need to focus on going on the right path to success. As a career choice, the May 14 birthday personality are likely to look for an occupation that is fun and allows them for networking. Being sociable is a part of your charm. You would do well in professions that provide some benefit to people. Your main goal is to give back and not what kind of salary a job pays. You are sensible and know how to shop on a budget.

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What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The May 14th birthday characteristics show that you are always in good shape. Usually, Taureans are active people, and they like to nibble rather than eat whole meals. This would be the only problem you would have mainly due to anxiety from the workplace.

Test Now! As the May 14 birthday zodiac sign is Taurus, you are understanding, eager and astute Bulls. In love, this bull requires the right kind of attention. The May 14 birthday meanings report that you can be serious people but like to have fun in the bedroom. Your curious nature makes you restless.

You live an active lifestyle, and while you enjoy good food, you pace yourself. More is not always better in this case Taurus! Your Birthday Tarot Card is Temperance. This card symbolizes that everything should be done in moderation and balance.

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You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Libra : This will be a sensual and loving relationship. You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Leo : This match will be emotionally and mentally doomed. Number 5 — This number signifies change and progression, always looking for a new adventure. Number 1 — This number signifies a leader who has made up his or her mind about what actions to take in life.

Lilac : This is the color of spirituality, psychic abilities, and sensitivity. Blue: This is a color that symbolizes faithfulness, trust, truth, and logic. Wednesday : The day ruled by planet Mercury is a good day for short journeys and taking part in discussions. Friday: This day ruled by Venus is a good day to spend time doing things that make you happy. Your gemstone is Emerald that is known to promote abundance, good luck, creativity, and harmony.

An expensive leather jacket for the man and a basket of aromatic candles, body soap and perfumes for the woman. The May 14 birthday personality loves luxurious gifts. He invented steam engine. Mullah, Marx and Mujahid R. Forster Assassination of a Prime Minister S. Anandram Assignment Colombo J. Chaudhuri Autumn Leaves O. Douglas Big Money P. Wodehouse Bill the Conqueror P. Yeats Caesar and Cleopatra G.

Michener Cardinal Henry M. Eliot Confrontation with Pakistan Gen.

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Namboodiripad Critical Mass William E. Chaudhuri Curtain Raisers K. Natwar Singh Damsel in Distress P. Hyde Robert Louis Stevensan Dr. Newburg Double Helix J. Galbraith Economics of the Third World S. Wodehouse Full Moon P. Wodehouse Girl On the Boat P. A Hundred Years B. Karanjia Gold Bat P. Narayan Guide for the Perplexed E. Dalvi Hindu View of Life Dr.

Radhakrishnan History of Hindu Chemistry Sir. Chaturvedi Hind Swaraj M. Gandhi Hindu Civilisation J. Barrie Hinduism Nirad C. Bhutto Imperial Woman Pearl S. A Vision for the New Millennium Dr. Gandhi Indian Philosophy Dr.

Psychology of Militancy Gen. Bhardwaj Laws Versus Justice V. Shaw Man for Moscow G. Raghuvansh Many Worlds K. Somerset Maugham Moonlight Sonata L. De Winter Susah Hill Mrs. Bhattacharjea My Days R. Narayan My Early Life M. Gandhi My Life and Times V. Giri My Own Boswell M. Dixit My Struggles E. Somerset Maugham Painter of Signs R. Chaudhuri Passage to India E.

Buck Pavilion of Women Pearl S. Barrie Personal of Democracy P. Alexander Personal Adventure Theodore H. Mathai Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C. Khullar Robe Lloyd C. Chaudhuri School for Scandal R.

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Mullick The Congress Splits R. Wells Waste Land T. Raja Ramanna Yesterday and Today K. The Final Odyssey Arthur C. The lens system which forms the image on the screen is termed the focusing lens. This particular angle is know as the dip of that place. The origin of electricity in a Dynamo is the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

It depends on the principle of electro-magnetic induction whereby a current is produced on traversing a magnetic field. It is the technique of recording and interpreting the electrical activity of the brain. EEG is the common abbreviation for both the technique and the records. It is a glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases.

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Counter Geiger Muller Counter: Taurus In view of the current planetary position, Ganesha says that students born under this Sign may face difficulties, while studying, revising or planning their academic strategies. They might also get distracted due to the negative influence of Rahu. Subsequently, there are less chances of getting the desired results in the exams held during this period.

Overall, though, this looks set to be a tough period for Taurus Moon Sign students. Gemini Ganesha observes that this period shall be favourable for you, with respect to your educational pursuits, since Jupiter will support students, and help you to get the fruits of your labour. However, Gemini natives who are pursuing a Masters degree or higher level studies may face a tough time on the academic front, as Rahu is positioned in the 4th House from your Sign. This could have an adverse effect on your studies, and may also hinder your academic progress.

Cancer With respect to the educational matters, you may have to work pretty hard in the year ahead, feels Ganesha. For your Moon Sign, Ganesha foresees moderate success, in case you are expecting any major results in this acaedmic year. Since Saturn is currently transiting in a retrograde mode, over the House of Education for the Moon Sign Cancer, things may remain slow to average till July On the positive side, Jupiter is placed in its Sign of exaltation currently, and is aspecting the 5th House from your Sign.

Hence, if the stars are favourably posited in your Birth Chart, you can expect to get an outstanding result even till July Leo Leo natives may get mixed results on the educational front, during this period. Ganesha also assures that Jupiter shall completely support your efforts, after July Yet, Saturn transiting in the 4th House from your Sign could remain a cause of concern, especially if you are a student pursuing your Masters degree or advanced level studies.

You should, therefore, perform prayers related to the planet Jupiter regularly, in this period, as this will help you obtain the kind blessings of Lord Jupiter, and also achieve academic success. Virgo Basis the prevailing planetary alliances, Ganesha feels that students born under Virgo Moon Sign may experience a plenty of stress, during this year, as Rahu is transiting over Virgo.

Thus, it is quite likely that you tend to be frequently distracted from studies, especially while preparing for your exams. This planetary configuration, which came into effect in July , may also have adversely affected your health. Overall, till January i. Libra According to Ganesha, students born under this Sign shall be delighted on achieving a good academic result, after working hard during this year.

Besides, the Lord of Education is not supporting your Sign, yet Jupiter's transit in the Quadrant, shall help you, up to some extent. However, do not expect very good results in the exams held during this period, otherwise you may get upset. Scorpio This period is unfavourable for students born under this Sign, as the malefic planet Ketu is transiting through the House of Education, from your Sign.

Hence, you were frequently distracted while studying and thus remained disturbed. Thus Northcote, "The Roman Cata- combs," p. The word depositus, meaning "laid down," is used by Classical authors in the sense " despaired of," and " dead. In Christian inscriptions, I regard it as signifying no more than "laid down," i. Those in which only the Name, Age, and Date aee Stated. This inscription has no distinctive mark of a Christian epitaph; and yet the circumstances, under which it was found in the Catacombs, seem to warrant its being placed among them.

March 19th, , a. If this be a Christian epitaph, as it probably is, it is more ancient than any of those, not found in Rome, that bear dates. See Plate II, 3. She dies on the eighth day before the Calends of She lived two years fifteen days. Buried on the fifteenth day before the Calends of August, in the Consulship of Gratianus Augustus for the second time, and Probus i.

July 18th, , a. Thus we find in Reinesius, n. Accia vel Maria est nomen mihi TuUiana, i. This notice, however, of two names is not rare in heathen epigraphy. Perhaps Muscula was her pet name. The use of the abla- tive for time "how long," is common in inscriptions. Sometimes we have the two constructions in the same sentence, as in n. Agnetis; De Eossi, n.

Buried on the seventh day before the Nones of December, in the Consulship of our Lord Gratianus for the fourth time, and Merobaudes i. November 29th, , a. Thus we have in De Rossi, n. Gregorii — Marini ; De Rossi, n. Buried on the eighth day before the Lies of October. As Leo was twenty-six years of age at his death, it it evident that this epitaph is of the date, October 8th, , a.

Vattcanse ; De Rossi, n. June 10th, , a. As if it were of the second conjugation: In Grruter, , 10, we have Htc requiescent, in a heathen inscription, said of the living, i. She lived a little more than two years. She finished her course on the twenty-sixth of July, in the Consulship of Flavins Aspar," i. Corsini read the last line thus: Flavii Fausti, or , a. See Plate II, 1. October 20th, , a. These consuls were Anicius Faustus, for the second time, and Virius Gallus.

The signification is, that her name, Simplicia, was a true indication of her habits and manners. Prseteztati ; De Rossi, n. Buried on the day before the Nones of December, in the Consulship of Gonstantius for the third time, and Constans for the second time," i. December 4th, , a. See Plate II, 4. Cyriacse ; De Rossi, n. September 23rd, , a. He lived thirty years, in peace. Depositus, pridie Idus Septembres, post consulatum Amantii et Albini. September 12th , in the year after the Consulship of Amantius and Albinus," i.

This was a very general characteristic of the deceased, both in heathen and Christian epitaphs. It is frequently contracted thus: The abbreviation, viliere] v the names of the Emperors, or of the Empeior and the Caesar, were omitted, and merely the numbers of their Consulships stated, is rare in Christian inscriptions.

Euried, in peace, on the fourth day before the? January lOlh, , a. There is great difficulty as to the junction of Mcrohavdes with Theodosius, in the second consulship of the latter. The Fasti, laws, and public acts mention, in his place, Cynegius. The best solution, of which I am aware, is that proposed by De Rossi in his note. Euiied, iu peace, on the fifth day before the Ides of October, in the Consulship of our Lords Arcadius Augustus, for the fourth time, and llonorius Augustus, for the third time," i.

October llth, , a. Christians assumed such names as Adeodatus, Deicsdedit, Quod- vultdeus. July 24th, , a. Gulfinus, famulus Dei, vixit annos plus minus LXX. He retired from this world , in peace, on the third day before the Calends of August, in the th year of the ajra," i.

July 30th, , a. The Spanish sera counts from January 1st, 38, B. There are many examples of its use. The oldest that I have observed is that given above. August 27th, , a. I have given this example on account of the use of DNI, which is not common. Or, is DNI a contraction of Domiaii, i. Those in which the Relationship of the Deceased is Stated. Leopardo, patri dulcissimo, henemerenti in pace. Buried on the fifteenth day before the Calends of January, in the Con- sulship of Constantius, for the eighth time, and Julianus Cfesar," i.

December 18th, , a. Thus, in the Catacombs, we find a lion for a man named Zeo, a little pio- for a girl named PorcdJa, with the object, as is believed, of enablino- those who could not read, to distinguish the loculus of a friend or relative. Eilius filius eecei feci mafri. Buried on the eighth day before the Calends of January, in the Consulship of our Lords Theodosius, for the third time, and Eugenius " i. December 25tb, , a.

I, her son, made this for my mother. In pace decissit decessit et amator pavperorum pauperum , vixit cum hrginia Virginia annis annos XV. April 12th, , A. He departed, in peace, and was a lover of the poor. He lived with his wiTe filleen years. To him, well-deserv- ing, his wife Victuiia, a lover of the poor, and attentive to her work, made this to hiin well-deserving. This praise of a female is found in heathen epitaphs. Thus, lanani fecit, Gruter, , 9; lonifca, Orelli, ; and koI epyun? Prseiexi'Jii ; De Eossi, n. Bene- mererifi in pace fecit covjux. His wife made this to him, well-deserving, in peace.

Agrippina fecit dul- cissimo sua mariio, cxim qiiem quo vixit sine lesione Isesione ani7ni annos III et menaes X. Te was i a this woi Id, whilst he lived, thirty-two years. August 2uth , A. Literally "boly faith," but the meaning seems to be " f sacred honor," "of gtiict integrity. Northcote, "lioman Catacombs," p. Hence, Kenriek, " Roman Sepulchral Inscriptions," p. LVojilissitnus was the term applied to the CcBsar from the time of Com mod as and Severus ; but, in the fourth century, it was extended in its use.

Cum uxore fecit annos XXX. He passed thirty years with his wife. Buried on the sixteenth day before the Calends of October, in the Consulship of our Lord Gratian Augustus, for the second time, and Probus," i. September 16th, , a. Facere is often used in the sense " to spend," " to pass," in Christian epitaphs ; and this signification is not peculiar to them.

Fecit mecum annos viginti. Buried, in peace, on the sixth day before the Calends of March, in the year after the Consulship of Gratianus and Equitius i. February 24th, , A. Limfiria to her husband. He passed twenty years with me. The sleeping-place of Aurelia Martina, a most chaste and modest woman, who passed in wedlock twenty-three years, fourteen days. To her, well-deserving, who lived forty years, eleven months, thirteen days. Her burial took place on the third day before the Nones of October, in the Consulship of Nepotiauus and Fac- undus, i.

October 5th, , a. These letters stand sometimes for bene merenti, some- limes for boncE memorice, never for beatus or beata martyr as sug- gested by Bonfant , for which there is no authority. This term for the grave or tomb, is found, also, in heathen epitaphs. It is applied, by writers on the Catacombs, to a chamber, which "was appropriated as the private vault, so to call it, of a particular family. Hermeds; De Rossi, n. Feci in se si eo dono sim. I made it for our- selves, if I am should be worthy of such a gift. She departed from this world, on the sixth day before the Ides of July, in the Consulship of Mamertinus and Nevitta," i.

July 10th, , a. This change of the declension of nouns is common. Ispeti, for Spei, is a notable example of metaplasmus, with the introduction of the prefix i. Burgon was not aware of this usage. There is no authority for the use of casta for uxor, but there are two examples in Greek, in which Gregory Nazianzen uses the term, doubtless with reference to Genesis, ii. It is very difiicult to give a satis- factory interpretation to these words. Lami, to whom we are indebted for the suggestion that costa stands for uxori, does not attempt to explain them. De Rossi justly rejects both of these.

Mamachi, Zaccaria, and Morcelli inferred from this inscription, that the names of the Bishops of Rome were used, from the fourth century, to mark dates.

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But, in all the dated epitaphs, there is only one other example of this use. The reason for using the terms sub Damaso Episcopo here is, that in the first two yeai's of his Episcopate there was a rival bishop, Ursinus, or Ursicinus, whose claims were supported by a considerable portion of the laity. The deceased, or her friends, took the side of Damasus, Hilaranus contra votum posuit. Buried on the day before the Calends of January, in the Consulship of Honorius Augustus, for the seventh time i. December 31st, , a.

Hilaranus placed this against his wish. Here, and in other places, the words simply mean " against the wish. Hie requiescit in pace Filicellus subdiaconus qui " Here rests in peace, Januaria, a praisewortliy woman, who lived twenty-eight years, more or less ; passed with her husband fifteen years, eleven months, ten days.

January 18th, , a. Here rests in peace, Filicellus, a Subdeacon, who" 1. From this it appears that Janu- aria was married when she was about twelve years of age. There are examples of marriage at eleven, and, even, ten. De Rossi's note, in which he determines the year, is well worthy of attentive perusal. Priscillse,; De Rossi, n.

Quiescet quicscit in pace. He rests in peace. November 30th, , a. His parents made this. Callisti; De Rossi, n.


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Bepositus pridie Kalendas Septembres in pace. Eutyches, his father, made this. Ilermetis ; De Eossi, n. July 23rd, , a. The use of the three names — Tiberius Claudius Marcianus — deserves special notice. This characteristic, and the identity of the names of the deceased with those of the wife of the Emperor Elagabalus, who was contemporary, have suggested the suspicion that the family was of good rank. This inscription is the earliest of those bearing dates that are accompanied by symbols.

Those used here are the fish and the anchor. The fish, as is well known, was chosen, as the letters that form the Greek word for it, scil. IX0Y2, are the initials of 'I? TertuUian regarded it as a fit emblem of Him, whose children are " born of water " in baptism. The anchor is regarded as signifying " the close of a well-spent life, the conclusion of a successful voyage, when the anchor is cast;" or that hope, which " we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast. See Plate I, 1. November 5th , on Friday, the 24th day of the Moon, Leuce erected this memorial to her very dear daughter, and to thy holy spirit.

She died at the age of fifty-five years, and eleven months, and ten days. This is the celebrated inscription that Lupi was the first to ex- plain. This use of i as a prefix is often found in Chi-istian epitaphs. It is one of many indications of the lapse of Latin into Italian. The change of person — tuo for ejus — occurs in Classical authors.

The points in this, as in some heathen inscriptions, are no indica- tion of the intervals between words. Bene merenti in pace. To her, well-deserving, in peace. Bm-ied on the eighteenth day before the Calends of September, in the Consulship of Nigrinianus," i. August 25th, , a. Bene 7nerenii in pace. Parentes bene merenti fecerunt. August 24th, , a. Her parents made this to her well-deserving. Pauli via Osiiensi ; De Rossi, n. January 23rd, , a. Joviano carissimo fecit fecerunt Lampadius et Soteres fratres pientisswii, ATerohaude.

Jovianus, Lampadius and Soteres, his most affectionate brothers, have made this , in the Consulship of Mcrobaudcs [and Sat- urninus]," i. Laurentii in agro Verano ; Do Kossi, n. Sume SOW ' carmen solatia trista tristia fratris, Qui solus gemitu hec haec tihi verba dedif. Quce tegitur tumulo si vis cognoscere, lector, Suhliines gessit sanguinis hcBC titulos.

Reader, if you desire to know who is covered by this tomb, she bore names that told her high descent. She, when alive, always followed, in her conduct, Christ, who, she believed, would be her guide after death. Buried in peace, in the Consulship of Festus and Marcianus. I have interpreted this verse as referring to such names as Eugenia. It is scarcely possible that it can mean martyt'dom. There is no dated epitaph in which the deceased is called Martyr, or is said to have suflfered such a death: Perpetuam sedem, nutritor, possides ipse: Sic meritus jinem magnis defuncte periclis ; Sic requiem felix sumis cogentibus annis: Here is laid Foster-father Antimio, who lived seventy years.

Buried in the Consulship of our Lord Arcadius, for the second time, and Flavins Eufinus, most distinguished men, on the Nones of November," i. November 5th, , a. The history of this epitaph is very curious and instructive. De Rossi's comment on it, in which he gives an account of the contro- versy that it excited, is well worth reading. It is a good specimen of the slashing style of annotation, with which B'entley has made English scholars familiar.

The stone bearing the inscription was found near Rome, in the year Felice papa e martire. Paoli, however, was not convinced of his error, but attempted to vindicate his views in ' Lett era in dijesa deJV epitoffio di 8. Oderic and Tiraboschi then assailed him, sustaining Marini's inter- pretation, and Juvenati satirized him in severe hendecasyllabics. Even then Paoli clung to his mistake, and published another letter in his defence, so absurdly erroneous, that De Rossi designates it as stuporis plenum, quam erudito7'itra nemo vel uno verho refutare dignatus est.

Neither of these writers seems to have been aware of the discussion which had taken place. Maitland's observations on it are: Siricius was made pope in , and lived to ; yet the reference to a perpetual jseat, added to the title papa sanc- tissimus, strongly indicates episcopal rank. This Papa may have been an anti-pope, there being a schism at that time in Rome.

There is no doubt that Maitland was unacquainted with the literary history of the inscription, and that he misread and misinterpreted the words papas Antiinio. But De Rossi's censures are too strong, and he seems to have misunderstood Maitland's object. Maitland was not the only one, besides Paoli, who was mistaken relative to this inscrip- tion.

Fea — hand sordidus auctor — held the same opinion, that it was the epitaph of some bishop; and Maitland was evidently not ignorant of the fact, that papa was the common appellation of all bishops, whether in or out of the City, for he distinctly states this, and gives in illustration the application of the term to the Bishops of Carthage and Hippo. The author of these verses was a reader of Yirgil, but does not seem to have profited by the perusal.

The first line was, probably, suggested by the opening of the seventh book of the. The words magnis defuncte lyericJis are taken from jEn. The verses, that are found in ancient epitaphs, present many examples of violation of the ordinary rules of syntax and prosody. Northcote, "The Roman Catacombs," p.

horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie
horoscop taurus 14 januaryie Horoscop taurus 14 januaryie

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