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Philip is accredited for the introduction of Jesus to Nathaniel. Virgos are well known for their in depth study of subjects, researching before committing. John Philip knew the references made of the Messiah, as any Virgo would, before making an introduction, know the credibility of a person they are introducing to others. Virgoans are extremely concerned, as a general, with details. If they are speaking on any subject, one can rest assured that they have studied what they speak of extensively.

Virgos knowledge may not be broad, but the well runs deep. Libras are said to have a sense of humour and express themselves best through their tactless speeches. Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Nathaniel called Bartholomew was also known as the persuasive evangelist.

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Libras are able to be fair leaders when they find a cause and they are very manipulative when trying to get others to follow them. They can be overbearing at times, but Libras are generally able to get others to see their side of anything, just as with Nathaniel. Scorpios are very much the same, insisting upon touching the evidence in order to be made a believer.

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Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe. John Once proof is given; they are steadfast and secure in their faithfulness; never swaying from their goal or beliefs. Together, with the other fire signs Peter Aries and John Leo , he is known as one of the three great leaders of the early churches.

Fire signs, individually are great leaders, but the three together is an unstoppable force, as were these three men. As with most Sagittarians, James was a lover of travel and intuitive. Honesty and justice were sacred to him and he had great intellect. James was the first martyr of the twelve, being put to death by King Herod Agrippa, dying for that which he believed. A Sagittarian will not change his beliefs to save his own neck; he is honest and steadfast, no matter the cost to himself or others. One of the most loyal signs, James was also loyal to Jesus.

Matthew was said to have had a political seat in the Roman government. Capricorns are generally depicted as proud creatures, respective to authority and hard working no matter the job. Matthew had the despised job of tax collecting and yet wore it with great honour. If one wants the best man for the job, one who will be organized and realistic, look for a Capricorn. Capricorns are never satisfied with a job well done, it must be perfected. Though they like having a position of status and power, they do not want to be seen as famous.

True Prophecy is Accurate without any Foreknowledge

Matthew was much like a Capricorn in this sense. Capricorns are also sometimes seen as two-faced, stoically believing one belief and acting on another. While Matthew was a member of the Roman government that challenged Jesus, he also was a follower of the Lord. Aquarius is a fixed air sign of uncertainty, curiousity, questioning others without tact and in a rude manner. At the Last Supper, Thaddeus was found questioning Jesus. Lord how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

John While an Aquarian may offer loyal friendship, like Thaddeus, he will question what will be his own gain. They are not fighters and are not willing to fight for what they believe. In early spring, Aries the lamb symbolizes the time when lambs come out of their mother's womb. Taurus the bull represents the time when bulls were used for plowing. Gemini has the strength of two men. In the beginning of summer, Cancer the crab symbolizes a time of concern about which way the sun was going to go, because crabs move irregularly.

When the summer months were the hottest, Leo the lion was the king of beasts. Virgo is at the end of innocence. Libra the scale weighs between good and evil. In the late fall months, Scorpio the scorpion and Sagittarius the archer were hurling their stings and arrows. Puns are words that have double meanings. Here is where the Bible trips up unsuspecting readers. The Bible's story motifs follow the course of the sun through the four seasons.

What Greek God Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In the Old Testament there are several books like Psalms and Proverbs, called the wisdom literature. Wisdom, in biblespeak, comes from knowledge of astrology. God's plan is written in the stars. He reveals his plan by the way he moves the stars and planets, not by mental telepathy. Angels bring their messages by the angles of the stars. When stars are said to fall from heaven, it means they are descending. Dissension grows until it crosses the fall equinox, and then the sun is said to be betrayed.

A Christian Astrologer on the Age of Aquarius

Then dissension grows to all out war. The fall equinox also symbolizes the gates to hell. Satan rules during the lower half of the sun cycle in fall and winter. The sun dies in the pits of hell at the winter solstice. At night the sun was believed to go under the world, so we have the term "underworld". When the sun, or son of God, starts to ascend again Jesus' ascension , the dark forces are trying to thwart him.

It enters the gates to heaven at the spring equinox. In the spring, the sun brings righteousness and glory. It is in power during the light months of spring and summer, and on its throne at the summer solstice. This is where the kingdom of God is, when he has the power to send the righteous to heaven.

What The Bible Says About Zodiac Signs - Pastor Sunday

The good side is on the right and the bad side is on the left of his throne. The sun if crucified at the cross of the solstices and equinoxes. Sirius, the brightest star next to the sun, was called the star of Bethlehem. The stars of Orion the hunter was called the Son of Man. Orion has three stars that form its narrow waistline. The same three stars were the wise men from the east because they align with Sirius, the star of Bethlehem on December Virgo was Virgin Mary and Bootes was Joseph.

John the Baptist was Aquarius the water bearer. Everything evil was Taurean, corresponding to the immediately preceding age.

What Does the Bible Say About Astrology?

The bad people were always lagging one age behind. The New Testament was written during the Piscean Age. It teaches us how to have Piscean attributes. Everything in the New Testament that was seen to be good was Piscean, and everything evil was Arian. Each age had its lessons to teach us, and going back to the values of the previous age was not to be encouraged. The people were expected to progress from one model of behavior to the next, in sequence with the changing of the astrological ages. From this perspective, the Old Testament was written to teach people how to have the attributes of Aries and to leave behind the symbols of Taurus.

I will put the keywords for the astrological signs in capital letters. I have always struggled with the Garden of Eden story. What exactly was Genesis trying to say? What a strange way to say something is cursed. Take the Ten Commandments story. Remember the FIRE symbols in that story? They were reverting back to the Taurean Age. This made Moses so angry he threw down and broke the tablets that had the Ten Commandments written on them. From an astrological perspective, this made sense. The Israelites were supposed to be learning Arian ways of being, not going back to Taurean ways.

This is what the Bible says, I know because we recently studied it in church. These are Arian qualities, and thus were appropriate to the times. One of the hardest things for me to understand about the Bible was why the books of the New Testament seem to differ so fundamentally from those of the Old? The New Testament has a different flavor, a different tone of what is expected of people.

bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology
bible based off astrology Bible based off astrology

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